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Celebration of Life!

A Celebration of Kathleen’s life was held on August 24 at 10 AM MT with Dr. David S Goldberg officiating.

You may watch the service by clicking HERE.

Please record in words your memories of Rev. Dr. Kathleen on her Tribute Wall which can be found at:  https://www.horancares.com/obituary/RevDrKathleen-Lenover


Kathleen’s Stories

Rev. Dr. Kathleen’s friend Claudia has started a project to gather Kathleen’s stories. We would love for you to submit stories you may have with or about Kathleen.

Read what inspired Claudia below:

Hello, Kathleen’s Beloved. 

I’m Claudia, a friend of Kathleen’s and practitioner at Mile Hi.

I pulled this card from Kathleen’s deck a while ago and it really didn’t resonate with me…until today. The meaning of this message came through, loud and clear. 

          <Okay, I hear ya, Kathleen!>

Here’s the scoop:

Sharing with a mutual friend this morning, laughing & crying, grieving & expressing gratitude to be blessed with Kathleen’s friendship, a thought came to mind: there are so many, SO MANY stories about Kathleen, whether they are her stories she retold or adventures you shared with her – we just can’t lose them.

I have been comforted these past few days by all the memories of Kathleen on FB and in conversations. Kathleen stories make us laugh, cry, groan, and sometimes all three. It is my heart’s project to gather her stories now, while our grieving is raw.  

Please take a moment to write your story(ies) and send it to me. I don’t know how long it will take to compile the enormity of the collection, but it is my purpose to make sure her legacy of loving each of us best (LUB) lives on.

Feel free to pass this email on to anyone who might like to contribute. Kathleen’s reach was far and wide, and her connection was deeply felt.  Be sure to include your contact information in the email for me, in the event I have questions or need clarification. Your information will not be used for any other purpose.

Oh! And, please let me know how you would like to be recognized (first, last initials/first name/both/not at all).

I am grateful for your memories. 

Let’s support Claudia and memorialize Kathleen by telling our stories. Take notes when you think of Kathleen and write your story.
You can send your Kathleen Stories via email to Kathleenstory45@gmail.com

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Rev. Dr. Kathleen Lenover

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