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I AM PERFECT FOR THIS   Reflections For Entrepreneurs


COMING SOON – A Book Written By Dr. Kathleen

Explore a couple of Dr. Kathleen's tools for success.

to start your own Conversation Circle.

Dr. Kathleen was one of 36 amazing speakers at the 2019 Global Gratitude Summit.


Thrive With Spirituality

ENHANCE   Prosperity Through Spiritual Laws

INCREASE   Abundance Through Money Laws

ACTUALIZE   Who You Are and What You Want

Dr.  Kathleen's choice for you is that you thrive.

She uses a technique that will assist you to determine who you are and what you want.

Identify Your Passion. 

Money is the Elephant in the Room

Money is the elephant in the room,
the topic, along with sex and politics, that isn’t discussed in public.

Raise Consciousness

When the elephant in the room has been identified,
there are choices to be made:
leave the room, move the elephant, or discuss it!

Create Conversation

We may have been left out of the conversation or chose not to pay attention . . .
until now.

Rev. Dr. Kathleen Lenover

Author Speaker Coach

When you discuss your relationship with money, you want compassion and understanding in an environment that is safe.

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