kathleen lenover author

Reverend Kathleen writes every day. 

She meditates, devours inspirational books,

and relishes insights from her journaling.

A disciplined student of education, Reverend Kathleen is inspired, challenged, and motivated to share her discoveries by writing. This spiritual practice is a non-negotiable, daily discipline.

For years, readers have followed Reverend Kathleen’s Practical Prosperity articles in The Science of Mind Magazine. This New Thought publication also offers Reverend Kathleen on Monday’s Money, a weekly video byte of thought provoking financial and spiritual insights meant for contemplation throughout the week.

Reverend Kathleen is the author of What Women Want – On Providing Outstanding Professional Service to Wealthy Women, a contributing chapter author of I Choose Me, by Rev. Cynthia James and was asked to author the Forward to The Wealth Solution – Bringing Structure to Your Financial Life.

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