CSL Writers Workshop

Is there a book in you?


Rev. Dr. Kathleen is sponsoring the year long writers events and offering a substantial discount if you attend as her guest!

Your first draft is guaranteed in FOUR days!

Included in this six class training is the craft of writing, how to organize your book, identify your expertise and the problem you solve, identify the critical first step that will make your book sell like hotcakes, choose your subject, create your title, and outline your book.

During class sessions using our unique book templates you will learn how professional writers create an emotional connection with the reader through stories.

Attend two weekends in Denver or in Orange County with a third weekend added to complete your second draft and to save on the cost of all three weekends.

PLUS the motivation, time and a group of like minded people to support and help you to succeed.


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The sooner you sign up, the longer you have to take advantage of the payment  plan.

First Draft Boot Camp
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Story Writing and Editing
(Discount Code STORYEDIT)
Second Draft Book Camp
(Discount Code DRAFT2)

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Rev. Dr. Kathleen rolled her eyes when she first heard that she could write the first draft of her book in just four days.


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