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Reverend Kathleen is a dynamic and inspiring speaker who is perfect as your keynote, or for your upcoming class, seminar, workshop, tea talk, or retreat.

Reverend Kathleen combines her early teaching career, financial planning expertise and the spiritual principles of her ministry to generate topics that are thought provoking, heartfelt and life changing.

Her presentations are fun, enlightening, and motivational with messages that are customized to the group and to the occasion.

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What your Mother’s Hat Says About Her Finances is Rev. Kathleen’s newest speaking title! She debuted it on Mother’s Day 2016.

One of the participants sent an email after the presentation:
“W O W ! Your message today was absolutely awesome! The content was creative, informative, funny at the perfect times, heartwarming, memorable, letting us know you and helpful to understand more about our underlying prosperity beliefs and where some of them came from. And, oh my goodness, how did you tie in hats, Mother’s day, prosperity and more?

I was considering coming to hear you talk and then when you sent me our pictures, I knew it was a sign I was to be there. I’m so happy I came!

And you were polka dot coordinated right down to your shoes.

Thank you Kathleen!”

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