kathleen lenover author

Dr. Kathleen writes every day. 

She meditates, devours inspirational books,

and relishes insights from her journaling.

A disciplined student of education, Dr. Kathleen is inspired, challenged, and motivated to share her discoveries by writing. This spiritual practice is a non-negotiable, daily discipline.

For years, readers have followed Rev. Dr. Kathleen’s Practical Prosperity articles in The Science of Mind Magazine. Rev. Dr. Kathleen also produces Monday’s Money, a weekly video byte of thought provoking financial and spiritual insights meant for contemplation throughout the week.

Look for Dr. Kathleen’s new book out winter of 2020. She is the author of What Women Want – On Providing Outstanding Professional Service to Wealthy Women, a contributing chapter author of I Choose Me, by Rev. Cynthia James and was asked to author the Forward to The Wealth Solution – Bringing Structure to Your Financial Life.

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