Rev. Dr. Kathleen Lenover’s

10 Preferences of Personal Finance

  1. I want to talk about the process. I want to know HOW I’m going to achieve my goals.
  2. I want a technique that is going to elicit the values that lie at the very core of who I am, and talking about those values are crucial.
  3. Harness my emotions. They’re powerful tools for getting me to make positive changes and have powerful financial outcomes. I am an interesting and passionate human being, I’m not just my balance sheet.
  4. Your mother was right, there is now such thing as a stupid question. Rights education can make all the difference in smart money decisions.
  5. Ask me tough questions, with kindness, realism, and candor. It might be awkward or celebratory but it will reveal my heart. And I want my heart revealed.
  6. My money follows my values so I’ll support companies that take women seriously.
  7. I am unapologetic about who I am and what I want. Please see that ambition as the new normal.
  8. I believe in sharing my stories with my family, my firned, and colleagues. When we support and lift each other up we’re all more effective, stable, and successful.
  9. I’m a smart woman, put that complexity to rest. Give it to me in simple and straightforward terms. I promise you I’ll get it. If not, I’ll ask.
  10. Count on me to have priority for my family’s needs yet encourage me to take care of myself.

Conversation Circles

Create your own Conversation Circle!

A group of a dozen women is a workable size. Each participates at her own level and some may choose to sit and listen. The conversation revolves around money, our successes and fears, to stories of behaviors and legacies. This level of openness and success naturally leads to exercises that embody concrete action steps. 

Begin by discussing the principles, practices, and agreements that determine how the circle functions. These tenets provide the framework that allows each woman to feel safe sharing her experience; the circle is conscientiously set up to be a judgement-free space. The conversation and the structure of the sessions are guided by a specific topic. Create specific exercises and prompting questions so that each woman, introvert and extrovert alike, may find an entry point if she wishes.

During the two hour circle, the activities vary. You may break into pairs of do a writing exercise, and also have time to share as a whole group.

Topic Suggestions for Conversation Circles

  • Money Stories: Legacies and Lessons
  • Giving Joyously
  • Money Conversations with Loved Ones
  • Providing Financial Support to Adult Loved Ones
  • When Family and Friends are Financially Unequal
  • What’s Your Worth and How to Find That Out
  • Knowing Your Numbers and What Difference That Makes
  • Elicit what the group’s interest may be

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