money and god

Money is the elephant in the room, 

the topic, along with sex and politics, that isn’t discussed in public.

Those that don’t have it, don’t talk about it.
Those that do have it, don’t talk about it.

Those that do have it, often feel undeserving and fear it will disappear.

Those who don’t have it, blame their parents, spouse, or life’s circumstances.

Parents who can afford to buy their children anything they desire, worry that they aren’t teaching them necessary skills to properly handle money.

Retirees with plenty of assets, still don’t believe they have accumulated enough.

The spiritually-connected may have just an inkling of how spiritual laws interact with financial principles, but not really.

So it is, that almost everyone has something to say, to ponder, and to learn.

When it comes to our relationship with money, we need to talk.

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